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I am Angie. I have a BS in Art and American Indian Studies. I like hockey, art, stuff, and things. Sup?
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I made taco cake. Cake taco.

Jason really shouldnt always ask for tacos. 

Its Jabberwrecky.  I feel I have outgrown it.  I do want to keep my number 42 though.

Do I further go with Alice in Wonderland or do I go with nursing related something? Or something entirely else?

I am 100% without a doubt bisexual. I have loved women, I have loved men.  I am currently with a man so I get assumed to be a straight ally. Or that I’m not anything but a straight girl who can’t make up her mind.  But I’m probably dumb for being slightly peeved about this because people with same sex partners obvs have it worse in the public eye. 

Went to the Black Hills Pride after party and it was the most fun I’ve had in awhile.  


How I feel during summer


How I feel during summer

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we should all strive to be as body positive as moominpappa

This made me tear up a lil

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very small dog? puppy

very big dog? puppy

very young dog? puppy

very old dog? puppy

puppy? puppy

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I might switch to a smaller team that better suits my busy school schedule. I’m not aiming to join Team USA, I wanna get out, skate, have fun, and be among friends. I do feel kinda guilty about checkin another team out though, like I’m betraying my original team.  We will see. I miss my skates.

watermelon nails!!

I did not take my meds! Thank you random photoset :)

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