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I am Angie. I have a BS in Art and American Indian Studies. I like hockey, art, stuff, and things. Sup?
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RTD Era Meme: 2/2 scenes that make you cry

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Illustration by Edmund Dulac from “The Mermaid” in the 1911 Edition of “Stories from Hans Andersen”


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Cardigan: The Gap

Shirt: Thrifted 

Skirt: Target

Tights: Simply Vera nude fishnets

Boots: Some clearance kids rack somewhere.

Bracelet + Headband: Vintage

A silica mine in South Dakota. 

Daisy cuddles!

Daisy cuddles!

Shirt and jeans: American Eagle

Cardigan: The Gap

Shoes: Thrifted

My beautiful psycho.

So many people assume what she is wearing on her face is a muzzle, it is just a gentle lead so she doesn’t pull on her leash! She is a good dog, kinda, sorta, unless you are a cat or other small furry animal.

Vet thinks she is a lab corgi.. what do you think?

My problem child destroying chewbacca. 

Asker Anonymous Asks:
In a post of yours that I saw in the maxi skirt tag, you said, "playing more dress up, woo hoo" and I was wondering where you got the white sweater from with the blue scarf? I love it so much! Thank you xox
you-and-i-misbehaving you-and-i-misbehaving Said:

The shirt was my mom’s that I think she got thrifting (we do a lot of that together!). The brand is Sonoma, which is target I believe. American Eagle sells some that are similar around the fall season I think, which are really comfy too. 

two other outfits.

Still unsure about patterned jeans though.



Do you want the plague? Cause thats how you get the plague. 

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